Oreous® Pillow 2.0


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A New Generation of Pillow:  First, Oreous introduced the world to Microloops™, a unique technology that outperforms both memory foam and down. Then, Oreous perfected the design through countless tests.

The result? Oreous® Pillow 2.0. The new Oreous pillow now features additional Microloops™, creating 360° head and neck support. It is also more customizable, from plush to very firm. The result is a pillow that adapts to sleepers of all sizes and positions.

Combined with improved internal and external layers, as well as silk particle fabric, the Oreous® Pillow 2.0 is sure to remain cashmere-smooth and fully supportive/responsive for many years to come. 

Queen Size - 20" x 28"
King Size - 20" x 36"


Made in Italy

External Cover

The external refreshing top cover is made of a natural and luxurious blended fibre and silk particles which offers the comfort of silk, the touch of cashmere with the lightness of linen. This special antibacterial fabric allows us also to naturally balance the heat production by our bodies thus keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Internal Cover

The internal cover is made breathable, pure 100% cotton material. It is made with an advanced special band technology which helps keep the pillows shape and allows the internal Microloops™ to flow freely within the pillow. This allows for the personalized responsiveness and support that you need.


The interior of the pillow is constructed from thousands of foam Microloops™ which rebound much faster than memory foam and 1000x faster than a feather down pillow resulting in reliable 360° head and neck support no matter how you move around

Oreous® Special Band

Oreous® advanced special band technology helps keep the pillow’s shape allowing the internal Microloops free flow within the pillow optimizing responsiveness and 360 degree support.

Microloop™ Technology

The Microloop™ which are our patented technology ensures that you have 360 degree support with your pillow supporting you while providing comfort for the best nights sleep. You need a supportive pillow to allow evenness as you move in it your sleep. The Oreous® Pillows rebound rate will ensure that preforms and is supportive for whichever way you move in your sleep eliminating any unsupported areas causing neck cramps and discomfort.


Adjustable Comfort

All of our pillows are filled with a plush amount of Microloops™. We know everyone likes their pillow different shapes and sizes. Our design allows you to add or remove as many Microloops™ from your pillow to your desired size. If you want an even more firm pillow make sure to purchase additional Microloops™ at checkout.

Antibacterial Covers

This special antibacterial fabric allows us also to naturally balance the heat production by our bodies thus keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Antibacterial covers also help treat acne and other skin conditions by not allowing bacteria to grow on your pillow cover.


Better and Deeper Sleep

Oreous® is the most comfortable and supporting pillow in the world. Its continuous use may reduce neck pain and headache as it adjusts to the person (not the other way around), giving you a better, deeper, more restful sleep and aiding in stress management to help promote healthier lifestyle.


Country of Origin Designed and Handcrafted in Italy
Construction & Materials
External Cover
  • Luxurious Blended Fibre
  • Oreous® Special Band
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Zipper
Internal Cover
  • 100% Cotton
  • Breathable
  • Zipper
Internal Material
  • Microloop™
  • Technology
Measurements & Dimensions(WXL)
  • USA - 20" x 28"
  • EU - 50cm x 70cm
  • USA - 20" x 36"
  • EU - 50cm x 90cm
  • US - *Free delivery on orders over $150
  • World Wide - Discounted rate DDP & DDU
Certification The Oreous™ Pillow cover is certified according to Oeko-Tex@ Standard 100 which meets the human-ecological standard presently established for baby products, which means they are 100% non-toxic and safe.

Microloops™ will expand when coming into contact with water. No unnatural expanding agents or chlorinated hydrocarbons of CFC have been used in the manufacturing process.
Warranty 2 year limited warranty


Is your pillow for side, stomach, or back sleepers?

One of the best qualities of our pillow is the adjustability that allows it to fit all types of sleepers simply by removing and placing some of the internal Microloops in the box until you have found the desired firmness.processed upon payment and shipped the next day.

Is your pillow firm, soft or medium?

By allowing you to adjust the pillow to your liking you can take out Microloops and adjust the firmness and thickness of the pillow allowing the pillow to be perfectly customized to your liking.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We have partnered with a very reputable company to handle all shipping both domestically and internationally. You will see the discounted DDU/DDP rates when you check out. The order is processed and shipped as quickly as possible.

Who should buy the Oreous Pillow?

Anyone that is looking for the best nights sleep of their life!
Discounted worldwide shipping rates

We offer DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) and DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) shipping options depending on the destination country.

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Diane R.
United States United States

Look NO Further!

Most comfortable pillow that I have ever slept on, loved the adjustability and I did just that so its the perfect sleeping experience . Sweet Dreams to all- don’t miss this pillow.

Alizadeh N.


Hello. I ordered 3 king size pillows a month and a half ago, but I still haven’t received them. I have paid money for the pillows, either you give me back my money or else I will report this. Sendt fra min iPhone 21. mar. 2022 kl. 22:31 skrev Oreous :

matthew b.
United States United States

Completely surprised!

I use to have a foam pillow for many years! I did not like it in the beginning, but as it aged it flattened out and did not interfere with me breathing from my mouth or nose! It took years to get the foam pillow just right. But then it started to come apart into large pieces! I then went on a very long journey to replicate my ultimate pillow experience. I like a 2 pillow system. # One has just a small amount of filling. (My old one was a feather pillow.) I use it under my #2 pillow, #1 basically rests up against the bed head board and fills in that space. #2 pillow has been like i said, is an flattened old foam pillow, that I can hug while laying on my side. I have to go to Alton my side, but wake up on my back!! I have a my pillow full fill and a my pillow least fill. I still like the least fill for my #1 pillow! The most fill my pillow was good, but now that I have my OREO PILLOW as my # 2 pillow! I HAVE BEEN SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT MORE THAN I HAVE IN YEARS! I absolutely LOVE HUGGING my OREO PILLOW like I use to hug my worn out old foam pillow. And the best part is my OREO pillow, when I roll from side to side, as I do several time before falling asleep, my OREO pillow REBOUNDS, EXTREMELY FAST!!! I LOVE THAT FEATURE!!!!!

Katayoon G.
Oman Oman

Not delivered almost after one month

I ordered two queen size pillow on 31st Jan. as a gift to my husband and myself, and expected to receive the order for our Weddind Anniversary in Feb. Unfortunately it's 28th Feb. And it's still not delivered. Disappointed

Katayoon G.
Oman Oman

Unfortunately still didn't receive it... that was our Valentine's day gift which was also our wedding anniversary, but sadly not delivered for the occasion.